Martial Arts training is good for kids with a lot of energy and talent and also who are very shy. Taekwondo builds leadership skills, self-confidence and it particularly has positive benefits for kids. We view Taekwondo as a way to improve one's body, mind and character, and not just a form of physical competition. Our Taekwondo lessons go far beyond teaching children how to punch and kick. We teach them about the importance of setting goals, help them to become strong and confident. We focus on providing a fun and safe learning environment for Children. The most important aspect in Martial arts is discipline which we strictly enforce in our classes. Children will build self- confidence, as they take on new challenges to further develop their character. As children learn the foundations of Taekwondo and the essentials of self-defense techniques, they will improve their strength, coordination and flexibility.

Parents greatly appreciate our Children's program because they notice the changes in their child's behavior and confidence within very short period. We accept students from 5 – 11 years old for this program. Our instructors will treat your child with respect as they share their knowledge and motivate your child with all their passion. At “JAMS”, we understand every child has a different learning curve and the ability to perform. Therefore, we try to teach them at their own pace. In this popular program, we introduce the basics of Taekwondo as a Martial art and as an Olympic sport. The duration of our classes are one hour long and it consists of warm up, stretching, physical conditioning, speed drills, Patterns, Target kicking, board breaking, basic sparring and self-defense techniques. This program is a perfect mix of fun, martial arts, confidence building and skill development, which children simply love! All students are treated as individuals. Each student is constantly encouraged to achieve their personal best. Not long after your child begins training at “JAMS”, you will notice important skills being developed in the child, including: Confidence, Activeness, Discipline, Fitness and Personal Growth. Classes are specific to children, encouraging interaction between one another and teamwork.

You’ll feel safe knowing your child is receiving finest instruction possible!


We have specific classes that are designed to meet the needs of a brand new student that is attending for the very first time. Knowing how to defend yourself and loved ones in a potentially dangerous situation is an asset in today’s world. Our goal is to teach the highest quality of martial arts to all our students. A multifaceted workout designed for youth and adults of all experience levels and physical conditioning. With respect to your physical abilities, you will be pushed to seize your potential and gain all the benefits Taekwondo has to offer in a challenging, respectful, yet friendly environment. We achieve this by teaching methods that rely on positive reinforcement and patience. This program is not meant to promote fighting, but to teach the discipline, confidence to defend them when necessary. If you have ever considered learning Martial Arts, this is the place to do it. This class focuses on building technique, strength and endurance for sparring, and also of course gives students the opportunity to spar with each other under the supervision of Instructors. When you visit our Academy, you’ll find that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and excellence.

Curriculum Content

  • 1

    Taekwondo Skills

    1.) Basic Kicking Skills
    2.) Blocks and Punches
    3.) Poomsae (Forms)
    4.) Self-defense Skills
    5.) Taekwondo Olympic Sports Rules and Regulations

  • 2

    Training Skills

    1.)Target Paddle Kicking
    2.) Shield Kicking
    3.) Hogu (Chest Protector) Drills
    4.) Combined Kicking Drills
    5.) Sparring Drills

  • 3

    Physical & Mental Training

    1.) Physical Conditioning
    2.) Flexibility
    3.) Strength & Endurance
    4.) Agility & Coordination Drills
    5.) Yoga & Meditation