“JAMS” has a strong program for students who desire to compete at the International, National, Regional, and Local level in World Taekwondo Olympic Style Sparring and Poomsae. This program is intended for both developing athletes, and high level competitors. This class focuses on tournament sparring, and is specifically for students who want to compete locally, provincially, or higher. This program is designed to be highly intense, with focus on “cardio” training, high level technical development, and World Taekwondo Sparring Rules, with a very individual-based training and coaching approach. Sparring is a great way to apply skills you have learnt to a practical situation in a controlled, safe and supportive environment.

Our coaches dedicate their time and resources to help our competitors to develop successful game-winning strategy, sportsmanship and poise under pressure. Students are encouraged to compete at whichever level - Local, Regional, National, International - they desire. Intermediate and advanced students interested in competing will be coached to achieve their goals and to excel at local, national and international tournaments.