Code of Conduct

The Purpose of this Code of Conduct is to help you develop proper behaviour and attitude for life (within and outside of the Dojang) and to facilitate best possible learning.

Appearance and Greeting
  1. Dress - Uniform must be clean and worn neatly.
  2. Instructor Greeting - Upon entering the Dojang (Training Place/Academy), greet Instructors with a respectful bow.

Preparation for Class :
  1. Footwear - Neatly place footwear in the shoe rack prior to entering the Dojang.
  2. Uniform- Change into uniform prior to arriving or in designated dressing room.
  3. Waiting - Sit in kneeling position in the designated waiting area until your class starts and keep conversation to minimum.
  4. Late Arrival - If you arrive late and the class has already started, sit in kneeling position in the designated waiting area with raised hand until the instructor calls you to join the class.

Class :
  1. Entering & Exiting Mat - When entering and exiting the mat, use the designated entry and exit points and bow in a respectful manner towards the flag.
  2. Conduct -

    a.)Always answer instructor with “Yes / No Sir” or “Yes / No Ma’am”.
    b.) If you have a question, raise your hand.
    c.) Always treat your instructors and fellow students with respect.
    d.) Playing or personal conversations are not allowed during class.

Dojang Behavior: :
  1. Eating - Eating, drinking (other than water or sports drink), or chewing gum is not allowed.
  2. Personal Tasks - Personal tasks such as playing electronic games, reading books, personal phone calls, etc. are not allowed in the Dojang.
  3. Disruptive Acts - Acts that disrupt the instructors or the students are not allowed in the Dojang. Examples of disruptive acts are loud conversation, playing, gossip, etc.
  4. Cleanliness - At all times, keep the Dojang clean and neat.